Instagrost - the software to increase the number of likes, followers and comments in Instagram


General information

         The Instagrost works in the automatic mode (no actions required):

  • Gives likes to your photos and videos in Instagram,
  • Gives you followers,
  • Adds comments in any language to your photos and videos,
  • Gives views to your videos.

         The idea behind this software application is a mutual exchange of actions among the users of the software. After adding the URLs of your photos and videos, they will instantaneously be added to the single list on the server and will be available for automated watching to other users of our software. In return, the program will start showing you other users’ photos and set likes to them. For each of the set likes you will get 2 points on your account balance.

Main features

  • All likes, subscriptions and comments are added by real people.
  • It’s better than mass following.
  • Does not fall on ban (does not exceed any Instagram limits).
  • It's FREE!
  • Main idea of this program: "Download-Start-Get results", no registrations or applications.
  • Simple, easy-to-understand and handy user interface.
  • All traffic to your photos and videos comes from social networks.
  • Stable work and everyday support since 2017. This day included.
  • The software comes in portable version (no installation required).

150 points free!

         As a welcome bonus, you will get 150 points free at your first program run. They can be spent for promotion in Instagram. Additional points can be earned by running the autoview (the "Run" button on the "Earn Points" tab), or you can also buy points.

A little more about the project


         The Instagrost program is the evolution of our popular projects RateMeUp (works since 2011) and KruTube (works since 2015). We try to make the program as reliable, productive and easy to use as possible. There are no hidden or potentially dangerous features in the program, and there are no plans to do so in the future.