Instagrost - the software to increase the number of likes, followers and comments in Instagram

Why is Instagrost So Good?

         The Instagrost program uses the principle of mutual exchange of actions on Instagram. This distinguishes it from many popular cheating programs which typically use mass liking and mass following. When mass following, your Instagram account automatically signs on other users’ posts in hopes of getting a follower instead. The efficiency of this method is very low and continues to decline, because most Instagram users have become tired of bots and have simply stopped going to their pages in response. Additionally, the list for the audience selection for mass following includes your competitors, and your account also gets to follow them, thereby increasing their popularity. It turns out that with this approach’s low efficiency is also combined with a high risk of losing your account on Instagram, because of its noticeable spam activity.

         The effectiveness of the Instagrost program is incomparably higher, because all your account’s actions are mutual. When your account sets a like, follower or comment, it immediately gets a like, follower or comment in return. You have complete control over the process, and since all actions are performed by people with alive accounts, the chances of getting banned are minimal.

         The bonus to this approach is a unique opportunity to use the Instagrost program to get desired comments for photos and videos. You write the comments you want to receive, and then immediately receive them on behalf of other users.